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Why spend 30 years paying off your mortgage when you could do it in much less time? We help you identify a personalised strategy to pay off your loan sooner, while regularly reviewing your situation to ensure you always have the right loan. The best part of all is that we don’t charge you for our service! It costs you nothing to have us with you every step of the way to becoming mortgage-free.

First Home Buyers

Buying your first home is exciting! But it can also be daunting, confusing and overwhelming. We make the process easy by guiding you through the whole thing — you might be a first-timer, but with us on your side, you’ll feel like a home buying expert!

Investment Properties

Whether you’re an avid real estate mogul or looking to buy your first investment property, we help you determine the best strategy and investment loan options for your property portfolio.

First Home Owner Grant

Trying to navigate your way through grants and eligibility criteria? With various grants, schemes and programs available for first home buyers, it’s easy to get lost in the info. We make it simple for you.

Refinance Your Home

Have you reviewed your home loan recently? There may be an opportunity for you to save thousands of dollars. We can make sure you have the best deal and the right loan by refinancing your mortgage.

Own Home Loans: Who We Are


Own Home Loans cuts the confusion out of finding the right home loan and gives you access to our expertise in mortgage finance. But at Own, we take it a step further, helping you to Own your Home, Own your Life, and Own your Future.

We empower and support you to reach your homeownership dream sooner than you thought possible!

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Why Us?


Streamlined Processes

Our innovative methods see you zoom through the whole process without errors or delay. We jump in the driver’s seat to manage the process for you from start to finish, making each step clear, quick, and straightforward.



Being one of your most significant purchases ever, you want to be kept in the loop. We go out of our way to ensure we’re there when you need us. Prompt communication and swift turnaround times are fundamental aspects of how we operate.


No Fees

We don’t charge you a cent — ever! With no cost to you whatsoever, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain by having an Own Home Loan finance expert on your side.



We exist to help you succeed. We’re in your corner working completely for you. With a huge range of lenders to choose from, we tailor the perfect solution to meet your unique needs. We’re not happy until we’re sure you have the ideal loan.

Claim Your Free Home Loan Review

Whether you’d like to pay off your loan sooner, you’re looking to buy your first home, or you’re interested in investing in property, we can help! Our mortgage finance experts have the skills, experience and network to ensure you have the very best loan tailored to your unique situation.

We are offering a free home loan review so that you can be sure you have the perfect loan suited to you. This no-strings-attached offer can provide you with insight regarding how to make your homeownership dreams come true — or we may just identify an opportunity for you to save thousands of dollars!

It’s a quick and easy process — we simply assess your current loan and financial circumstances, and then provide you with a tailored solution to improve your position.

Complete the form to claim your free home loan review.

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Our Process



Connect with an Own Home Loans mortgage broker so we can review your financial situation and lifestyle goals, to identify areas of opportunity, like saving you money on your mortgage or paying off your loan sooner.


Once we have assessed your home loan options and found the best solution for you, we will create your loan application and send it off to the lender.


Pre-approval, or conditional approval, is given — this indicates how much the lender is willing to loan to you, providing the property valuation and credit checks come back as expected. When bidding at an auction or searching for your first home, the pre-approved amount gives you a good idea of which houses you can afford to buy.

Unconditional Approval

Unconditional or full approval is given when the lender has formally approved your home loan application. We’ll take care of ensuring the money gets to where it needs to be.


The settlement date has arrived! This means all the legalities and transfer of money has been finalised, and the contract has been settled. Congratulations! You’ve successfully bought a house or refinanced your mortgage!


Change is a part of life, and just like everything else in life, aspects of your finances are always changing too. So we keep in touch with you to perform periodic reviews to ensure you always have the perfect loan.

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