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Whether you’re purchasing your first home, your next property or re-financing, we do more than just find you the right home loan.

We help you pay off your loan sooner by reviewing it regularly to make sure it’s still the right loan for you, and offer tips and tricks to pay off your loan faster.  Best part of all is that we don’t charge our customers for our service!  That’s right, you’ll pay nothing to have us be your partner in becoming mortgage free!

What you can expect from us

  • Ensures there is no charge to our customers for any of our services
  • Research and finds you the most appropriate loan for you
  • Review you loan regularly … the right loan today might not be the right loan tomorrow
  • Always be responsive and get back to you quickly
  • Always put your interests above our own
  • Put the right structures in place for your loan
  • Has streamlined processes that gets your loan through the lender systems
  • Makes sure you’re kept informed every step of the way
  • Makes the process as smooth as possible
  • Show you how to pay off your loan sooner
  • And we are passionate about what we do!

Own Your Home, Life & Future

Own Home Loans goes far beyond what you’d expect from your mortgage broker, we work with you on these specific goals:

Own Your Home

At Own Home Loans we work with our customers to help them pay off their mortgage as quickly as possible.

We use our expert strategies to help customers pay off their mortgage in the time they want, helping people to easily, but dramatically reduce the term of their mortgage.

We constantly review our customer’s loans to keep them on track, and accountable until they are mortgage free!

Own Your Life

We find that many people are living their life with debt and can’t afford the other things that make life enjoyable. At Own Home Loans we restructure debt and work with our customers to set a realistic time-frame to Own Your Own Home.

So many people have come to us because they felt overwhelmed by debt. When we worked with them they found that they could get their life back, with a strategy to pay off debt as quickly as possible. Together, we will find a better way!

Own Your Future

When the time is right for our customers to build their wealth beyond the family home, Own Home Loans works in partnership with the right team of Financial advisors to get the best advice to get people on the right path to Financial success.

Home ownership can be a great start to a secure financial future. We show our customers how it can also be the foundation to building Financial freedom

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